The aim of the Greek Cold Storage & Logistics Association is to support and enhance the completeness and professionalism of the sector of storage and distribution services of products under controlled conditions. This is accomplished by its members' knowledge, productivity and image improvement. GCSLA members are specialized in storage, distribution, transportation, information and other services of the supply chain, aiming to their customers' profit and the Social benefit.


GCSLA offers training and educational support and information in every relevant section of the food sector.

It promotes a collective marketing program, which emphasizes benefits from using Public Refrigerated Warehouses.

Services for members
It offers a complete range of services to its members, using advanced communication technologies.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Guides
It studies, determines and develops the best practices for sector enhancement and it notifies them to its members.

Legal and Normative requirements
It records all relevant Legal, Normative and Commercial requirements for the sector and notifies them to its members. Wherever possible, it participates in the Governmental committees, which develop such Leglisation and tries to protect its members from unreasonable requirements.

Members development
It tries to enhance its member categories, all over Greece

Association’s Efficiency
It ensures the Association’s financial robustness, through its effective and productive Management.


The achievement of collaboration of all Cold Industries throughout Greece, by collecting and announcing to its members all useful and interesting information and commercial, legal, financial issues announcements and generally any relevant issue concerning problems encountered in the sector.

Monitoring, collecting and announcing general and specific measures adopted by the State that are relevant to the Cold Industries. Thus, legitimate interference for the protection of its members’ interests.

Their symmetrical development in the terms of State financial planning and current technological progress, aiming to its members’ best financial status in terms of National Economy.

Instruction, informing and communicating with the Government and the relevant state institutions, aiming to more useful and purposeful regulations for Cold Industries. Furthermore, the suggestion of useful and constructive proposals for the improvement and completion of the Legislation for the Sector.

Attendance and participation in exhibitions, conferences, inland or international meetings, etc.

Diffusion of knowledge and means of modernization to its members through communication with sector suppliers, emphasizing to its associated members.