Benefits from using Public Refrigerated Wharehouses

In today's great increase of outsourcing practice, Public Refrigerated Wharehouses (PRWs) are able to supply foods companies storage and distribution requirements.

Food Companies have the opportunity to use PRW services to unlock capital, which in other circumstances would be locked for acquiring storage and distribution recourses and utilize it in more productive activities, such as product development, marketing or other income opportunities. Also, PRW utilization offers scale economies to the Customer, through groupage, where storage and distribution cost is shared out to more users, while establishing quality services, through hygienic requirements knowledge. Moreover, PRWs can be used as cross - docking points, thus reducing the unfrequented transportations cost.

PRWs are excellently acquainted with the subject of food storage and distribution, since it is their main activity. They are continuously updated on the requirements of the profession and they receive continuous assistance in everyday issues by the Association. Assign the storage and distribution of your products to these companies and be sure that everything will be done in the best possible way.

PRWs have advanced resources management systems, where you can have on - line information about your products characteristics, such as lot number, expiry date, first in - first out management and other Legislation requirements about traceability (obligatory since 01/01/2005).

PRWs have the ability to offer competitiveness in their main scope, which is care and value adding in their customers products. PRWs - members of Greek Cold Storage & Logistics Association, are specialized in constructing and operating productive and flexible units, controlling logistics cost, offering high quality hygien rules, monitoring product temperatures and offering a wide range of associated services, such as labeling, repackaging, etc.

Visit the up-to-date PRW Data Base of the Association of Cold Industries and consult them for easy, efficient and economical products distribution.