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4th klm palaias ethnikis odou Larisis-Boloy,P.O. Box.1405, Larisa, postal code 410 01
Phone: 2410-571701 -2Fax 2410-571703


Contact: Mr. Constantin Lamproulis

Field 329000

The company was established in 1967, and since then has been expanded in 1974, in 1984 and at last in 2001.
We dispose cold rooms in degreases from +4ο C up to –20ο C about 29.000 m3 , other non-cooling storing places about 2.000 m2, and uncover able storing places about 10.000 m2.
We also have U.L.O. storage rooms for a long storage period for the products (especially fruits), which need it and also cold chamber especially for Kiwis with ethylene absorption.
We have established a calibrator machine for fruits, which can automatically control about 40 tons into 8 hours.
We are able to do and undo pallets, in products in order to be storage in our installations and we can also gather and deliver products through limits of our county.
The company has established a quality system for products’ cold storage in accordance to TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS for EN ISO 9001:2000 and ΕΛΟΤ 1416:2000 (HACCP).
Our terms conclude either rent space into cold rooms, or in accordance to the weigh of the product, per month.
We can also create a place for professional use of office and a suitable place for plug-in cold cars, for customers only.