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Contact: Mrs. Alexia Passakou


Mobile Technology was founded in 2003 by established counterparts of the Computing Engineering field. The company offers a wide range of Data Collection Systems and Mobile Computer Systems for industrial environments and delivers complete and effective mobile solutions aiming at the following business processes : Route Accounting, Proof of Delivery, Field Service, Warehouse Management, Retail, Law Enforcement and RFID.

Namely, Mobile Technology merchandizes electronic AIDC equipment and network communication systems specializing in Automatic Data Collection. Moreover, it provides full technical support, spare parts and expandable supplies of products originated from international pioneers like INTERMEC TECHNOLOGIES. The company undertakes the development, installation and support of mobile solutions directly aiming at the improvement of business processes and the enhancement of productivity.

The systematic investment of Mobile Technology in research and training has proven to be its main driving force to success. Indeed the company employs a skilled technical team consisted of software, electronics and systems engineers, all capable of supporting and adjusting new network, development and hardware technologies to each costumer’s needs.
The technologies mentioned above include :
• Robust terminals with graphics interface
• Microsoft.NET development environment
• Supported operational systems : DOS, Windows Mobile, Windows
• Wireless networking technologies such as : 3G, GPRS, GSM, RF 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth
• Connectivity to GPS satellite systems and fleet management environments

Mobile Technology’s dedication to innovative technologies always in proportion with the customers’ benefit is verified by the company’s activities in RFID and voice commands supported by mobile computer systems, both of which the company first introduced into the Greek market.
Worth of mentioning is the fact that the company supports the biggest installed route accounting systems fleet and the most warehouse management applications all over Greece, while successfully activating in the Balkans.
Established and competitive private companies and public corporations are included in Mobile Technology’s long list of customers. Although they set different goals and activate in different sectors, their common ground is a strong and long-lasting liaison to Mobile Technology.