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The “EL. AD. CARAMANIS S.A” group of companies was founded in 1955 by Eleftherios Caramanis who connected his name to the development of the Greek Fisheries by offering top quality innovative products.

In the mid 80’s, after having established a leading position in the Professional Fishing Industry, the group decided to expand its interest towards the Fish Farming industry which was at the time just starting its activities in Greece. Its efforts proved equally successful.

Today, depending on the product category, the group can claim market shares which exceed in some cases 50% of the import and trading of products for the Professional Fishing and Fish Farming Industry, and covering every area of Greece .

Having set strong foundations in the above mentioned sectors, which are anyway related to an extent to Workwear and Food Handling, the group decided to expand dynamically into new related sectors.

Thus in the beginning of the Millennium the group continued its expansion into Personal Protection Equipment and Materials Handling.

Today we offer Workwear, Footwear and other safety equipment for people working or moving around dangerous or less friendly environments such as cold rooms, building sites, etc., or for people facing extreme weather conditions. Of course we also offer clothing, footwear and other equipment for more simple daily operations such as warehouses, drivers, packing plants, slaughter houses etc.

Additionally, we offer plastic boxes, insulated containers, pallets, crates, pallet-boxes and other equipment useful to food companies since they fulfill all HACCP and ISO prerequisites.

In 2003 “ICHTHYOALIEFTIKI SA” was added to the group. This company assembles Fishing nets, Fish Farming cages and nets of all kinds for Athletic or Protection purposes.

The group’s facilities (factory, warehouses and offices) cover a surface of 3.600m2 in Athens and Larymna, fully satisfying the group’s needs in its three main sectors: A) Fisheries, B) Fish Farming, C) Personal Protection Equipment and Materials Handling.

The basic principles that have become the foundations on which the group built its top name in the market are “Respect to the Client” and “Quality”.

Hygiene, Safety and Protection
The Secret to Success

The present market conditions give us a very clear idea as to what will be necessary in the future for every Business Entity in order to confront competition and successfully proceed into the future.

In this new era, it is necessary to combine:

• Hygiene in the processing, transportation, storage and selling area of every product.
• Safety of people and products from defects and wrong doings.
• Protection of the company’s clientele, but also of the company’s reputation.

What every company must fulfill towards its clients and personnel is specified by a big number of rules and legal documents, the extent of which causes anxiety to management because they have to strive for the protection of human life but also for productivity.

The role of business partners / consultants in this specific point is extremely important.

A specialized business partner / consultant continuously informs the interested party / client and the latter makes sure that all business functions operate perfectly in order to fulfill the strict market demands.

CARAMANIS S.A. , chose to deal in the Personal Protection Equipment 50 years ago by supplying fishermen with specialize raincoats. Their trust is the company’s best advertisement for the quality of its products and its promptness.

Do not hesitate to contact our specialized personnel to be consulted on your needs.