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VIPE Tripolis,Tripoli, 221 00
Phone: 2710-223206Fax 2710-235128


Contact: Mr. Georgios Dimitropoulos

Field 35000

ARCAFROZ S.A was activated from 1969, but the needs of modernization and the modern requirements of market led us to creation an ultramodern cooling unit in the industrial area in Tripoli. With:

• Cold storage rooms and warehouses 7000 m2.
• Right conditions of storage with “PLC” automated system.
• Conditions maintenance applied the products with the ULO system, (ULTRA LOW OXYGEN).
• Special storage rooms for the preservation of woolen barrel with cheese.
• Control of receiving products.
• Storage according to the rules of cold storage, safety and healthy.
• Handling and storage with forklifts and racks.
• Picking according to FIFO rule, (Firs In – First Out).
• Cross – Docking services.
• Logistics services.