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Member Benefits

Benefits for Associated Members

Dear Collegues,

We wish to invite you to become an Associated Member of the Greek Cold Storage & Logistics Association.
In today's, very competitive era, joint effort is required for the prosperity of our sector in general, as well as that of each enterprise individually. The Greek Cold Storage & Logistics Association is aware of these requirements and tries to offer the best possible benefits to its members. So, if you join us, you will receive:

  • Information concerning relevant Legislation issues
  • Information concerning technical issues
  • Information concerning International developments
  • Industrial efficient Practices Guides
  • Educational Material concerning Refrigeration, foods and logistics in general
  • Educational conferences attendance, all over Greece
  • Preference for presantations in conferences
  • Recording of your company in databases, so that customers can track your company easily.
For registering in the Association, please contact us by:

Yours faithfully,

For the GCSLA Board of Directors
Nikos Charitonidis
Secretary General