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Registration Information

Member Categories

The following hold the right of registering to the Greek Cold Storage & Logistics Association:

1. Regular members: Cold Industries.
These are units with the appropriate mechanical, facility, electronic data processing equipment and vehicles fleet, for refrigeration production in appropriate storage places and transportations means, as well as the respective informational support, and generally their main activity is to provide logistics services under controlled temperature and moisture conditions (Refrigeration Chain).

These units can be companies of physical or legal persons.
These services are (cold) storage and distribution, (under controlled temperatures, refrigeration, deep freeze, etc.), as well as associated services, such as labeling, electronic information, tracing ability etc

2.Associated members:
These are physical or legal persons and Organizations, which offer products or services relevant to the aims of the regular members. Public and Private educational Organizations, Labor and Trade Unions are included.

3. Any private individual willing to have knowledge of the novelties in the sector.

4. Students:
Everyone studying in a field relevant with the sector.

5. Honorary members:
Individuals who helped the “ASSOCIATION” or the sector in general and the member attribute is awarded gratuitous to them.

Registration Procedure

For registering in the Association, please fill in the relevant application form (on the upper right-hand corner of the page) and return it to us :
  • as an attachment to the
    e-mail, or
  • print it and send it by
    fax: +30 210-3469906 or +30 210-9843624.

Please don't hesitate to contact us by: